About The SO Agency

Creatively driven. Data inspired. Digitally powered.

So what is it that business planning, design, and digital marketing have in common? Data

Business planning, design, and digital marketing require vastly different sets of skills, which is why most companies look to hire multiple agencies to perform these various tasks, even though those tasks are
inherently connected practices. SO Agency was founded to eliminate that disconnect and help
companies integrate and align these disciplines under a unifying strategy. We believe that a strong
business foundation rests on the strategic alignment of business planning, branding, and marketing
expertise and that one can harness those individual strengths without breaking the harmonies that exist
between them.

By finding innovative ways to infuse design into business communication, essential information and data become transparent and accessible.

SO empowers entrepreneurs and executives to not only tell compelling stories to their target audiences
but to challenge the way data has been traditionally conveyed and champion modern means of
accelerating growth.

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