Top 5 Trends in Online Marketing in 2021

February 26, 2021 Social Management

Are you looking to grow your business online by staying up to speed with the most recent online marketing technologies and features?

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This post provides the top five of the best.

1. Immersive Technology Including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR and AR have become very popular over the past couple of years and are becoming some of the biggest online marketing trends in 2020. Experts assert that about 100 million people will use AR to shop online in 2020 (Milenkovic, 2020)

Actually, large companies like IKEA are already using it in its marketing campaigns.

2. Shoppable Posts

In 2020, businesses are no longer wondering how to effectively get their social media followers to their online stores because of the recent social commerce explosion. Today, you don’t need to leave the site or app to purchase a product as you can now do it directly through ads and posts.

3. Sentiment Analysis/Social Listening

Brands are now adopting to the practice of analyzing users’ reactions to different products or services by using data collecting tools and algorithms. Previously, it was challenging to get precise sentiments of customers because of the big grey area between the like/dislike “blackand-white” responses. Today though, the advances in the processing of natural language enables computers understand what we say online, including emoji and slang.

4. Videos Are Not An Option Anymore

In 2020, video marketing has clearly taken over text-based content since people are watching more video than ever before. It actually makes sense because video marketing is very engaging especially if it’s a live video (live streaming).

5. Interactive Content is Almost Mainstream Now

Interactive content includes anything that you can swipe, click on or interact with on the internet. Actually, 93% of marketers consider interactive content very effective- this is according to Outgrow (2020).

Bottom line
There have been many trends in the world of online marketing, and some of the top ones that you need to keep your eyes on are:

• Immersive technology • Shoppable posts
• Sentiment analysis • Video marketing
• Interactive content

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